GFtrade is an innovative Forex & CFD trading solution for both retail and institutional traders leading the trend of the rapidly evolving foreign exchange industry.

Who we are

At GFtrade, we prioritize the mutual growth of relationship between us and our clients. Unlike other brokers in the industry, we are more than just a platform for making quick trade transaction. We support our clients through our extensive educational EBook, 1-on-1 coaching, and reliable feedback. What we want is to help our clients to be equipped with proper strategies for a long run rather than neglecting vulnerable and unprotected investment decision.

Our Pledge

Not only we are committed to build firm relationship with our clients, we pursue to excel at every aspect of investing environment for all level of traders.

Our Vision

  • Trust

    We are also transparent and honest with our clients. Our competence and reputation helps us form high trust relationship with our clients, which is especially important within financial markets.

  • Service

    GFtrade is fast growing Forex company. To keep up with our growing clients from all over the world, we have staff with an experienced multilingual support team available 24/5.

  • Technology

    GFtrade utilizes the world’s most popular trading platform MT4. Clients can access the latest market data with our 100% secure online trading facility. We thrive to improve and satisfy clients with our services.

  • Knowledge

    We provide our clients with technical analysis and up-to-date financial news. Additionally, traders will be able to access to EBook regarding lectures of trading methods.

Company history

  • 2010

    2010 Founded the Asset Management Company GF Asset Co

  • 2012

    2012 GF Asset Co. Overseas expansion

  • 2012

    GF Asset Co. Foundation of Hong Kong Branch

  • 2013

    GF Asset Co. Foundation of Shanghai Branch

  • 2014

    GF Asset Co. Foundation of Cyprus Branch

  • 2016

    Founded Global Forex Company GFtrade Inc. in Singapore

  • 2016

    Awarded Best Forex Investment 2016

  • 2017

    Awarded Best Forex Business 2017

  • 2017

    MOU partnership with 8 Forex Signal / Education Companies

  • 2017

    Awarded Best Forex Broker 2017

  • 2018

    Awarded Best IB Support 2018

  • 2018

    Awarded Best Fund Security 2018

  • 2018

    MOU partnership with 21 more Forex Signal / Education Companies

  • 2018

    Awarded Best Forex Customer Service 2018

  • 2018

    GFtrade IB Activities in 58 Countries

Message from GFtrade

“Customer service is the foundation of GFtrade and We prioritize the growth and security of every individual trader and institution we work with.”
The future is unpredictable, and so is the financial market.
Yet, you can count on us for your financial asset growth that we equally value as important as our own. GFtrade will work diligently to establish the profitable trading environment that every trader can rely on.
There are plenty of information out there and it is almost impossible to pick the right one.
Most traders would think it’s best to avoid the fraudulent and ill-minded scammers and you lower the standard for brokerage service, but why can’t you expect the best? Our goal is to make a partnership based on mutual respect and understanding of each other.
We are dedicated to pursue our clients’ success as the only way to survive in this industry.
We will not let you down for choosing us as your broker.
Ambition is a word that we interpret to “dedication.”

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