GFtrade offers variety of products to diversify our client’s portfolio. We offer over 50 currency pairs and over 80 trading products in total to ensure flexibility in your investment choices. We also provide major corporation stocks & indices and commodities such as gold, silver, oil and natural gas.


At GFtrade, we offer few major energy products such as oil and natural gas. Energy plays an important role in any economy with huge market volume. Energy price is affected by production of resources, domestic and international demand, political and foreign policy changes. Because of its nature is bound to fluctuate, it is still an attractive investment portfolio.

Crude Oil

Oil trade is the most active market among resource charts. Oil price is greatly influenced by political and economic reasons. Price of crude oil is also linked with many other assets, making its role critical. Generally, the price change tends to increase drastically when there is a disturbance in Middle Eastern nations and the price drops when the crisis is annulled. Understanding and paying attention to the news is the key of oil investment.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is combustible resource found at the Earth’s crust. Natural gas price is mainly influenced by World Energy Price, because correlation between different energies and its supply status. Additionally, geographical and climate factors are another reason for its price change. Investors who are getting into Natural Gas must also take great interest in these factors.

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