GFtrade offers variety of products to diversify our client’s portfolio. We offer over 50 currency pairs and over 80 trading products in total to ensure flexibility in your investment choices. We also provide major corporation stocks & indices and commodities such as gold, silver, oil and natural gas.


Start your Forex trading at GFtrade, the most dynamic Foreign Exchange broker. Live Account open is Available 24/7. We provide over 50 currency pairs with transparent and safe transaction guaranteed.
Compare our spreads with others before start trading. We have the lowest spreads in the industry standard. Experience our user friendly customer service and start trading now.

Most frequently traded currency pairs.


Pros of trading Forex

1. Trade anytime, anywhere
You can trade forex anytime, anywhere you want.
2. Low starting asset required
You don’t have to invest large amount of money.
Perks of trading forex is that you can start trading with small asset.
3. High liquidity of assets
High liquidity means a lot of investors are participating in the market. As soon as profit is acquired, it can be withdrawn.

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