GFtrade offers variety of products to diversify our client’s portfolio. We offer over 50 currency pairs and over 80 trading products in total to ensure flexibility in your investment choices. We also provide major corporation stocks & indices and commodities such as gold, silver, oil and natural gas.


Traditionally, gold is a spot asset that you could only trade if you actually owned gold. However, at GFtrade, you can trade gold, silver, and copper with ease. While Currency price fluctuates, metal value price can also increase. Many investors who seek low risk and safe profit prefers metal trade over other instruments. Metals can potentially grow in steady pace and it has been there even before bank was established. GFtrade support MetaTrader4 platform to meet your requirements and we provide the lowest possible spreads in the industry.

Pros of trading Forex

1. Secured investment when the currency value drops
In times of recession, spot asset like metal value increases.
2. Global liquidity and marketability
Globally accepted and recognized for its value. Continuous growth in asset is expected.
3. Diversity in investment portfolio.
Diversified investment increases security and decreases risk. Low-risk item like metal is appropriate for such investment.

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