GFtrade offers variety of products to diversify our client’s portfolio. We offer over 50 currency pairs and over 80 trading products in total to ensure flexibility in your investment choices. We also provide major corporation stocks & indices and commodities such as gold, silver, oil and natural gas.


Stocks are easily purchased and owned as it is commonly known to everyone. Through GFtrade, stock trade options are diversified. Starting from any major corporation that are popular for its secured growth and also companies with great potential is seamlessly organized within our platform.

Pros of Stocks

1. Advantageous at economy growth
Owning stocks mean a promised profit when the economy rises. As the economy grows positively, stocks will also increase its value creating opportunities for asset development.
2. Abundant investment information
You can get information about corporations at your own discretion and strategize investment portfolio with many option to control loss risk. It is the most preferred and favored item for traders.

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