Here at GFtrade take security and safety as our first priority. We work to fulfil with all standards and regulations to ensure security to provide transparent trading environment.

GFtrade Inc is registered in St. Vincent & the Grenadine as an International Business Company with the registration number 24409 IBC 2017.
According to the regulation, we are responsible and accredited to all commercial, financial, lending, borrowing and trading. Our services range from intermediary, administrative, educational account services. The products consist of commercial commodity, indices, CFD and leverage instruments.

GFtrade is licensed to provide and offer following services:

· Receive and transmit orders related to diverse financial products and instruments.
· Dealing with accounts and perform orders on behalf of clients.
· Storage and management of financial instruments for customer accounts.
· Grant credit or loan to investors, so that the grant providing company can conduct the transaction made from different financial instruments.

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