Regulation & License


Every traders must ensure that the broker’s systems are in compliance with the legal requirements of the country concerned and internationally recognized financial standards.

GF Trade Inc is fully licensed and regulated by St. Vincent & Grenadine as international business company, registration number 24409 IBC 2017. Service not only provides intermediary, education, administrative account services to commercial, financial, commodity, indices, CFD and leverage financial instruments, but also includes transactions, service activities and participation in other companies.

GF Trade Inc is licensed to provide following services

· Receive and transmit orders related to diverse financial products and instruments.

· Dealing with accounts and perform orders on behalf of clients.

· Storage and management of financial instruments for customer accounts.

· Grant credit or loan to investors so that the company providing the credit or loan can conduct the transaction on one or more financial instruments involved in the transaction. Investment research and financial analysis or other forms.